The role of RFID products in the food and drug safety regulatory system
The role of RFID products in the food and drug safety regulatory system
May 26, 2020
On May 18, 2020, China announced the need to build a social credit system and a new regulatory mechanism that meet the requirements of high-quality development, with a focus on food safety, drug safety and vaccine safety, and improve a unified and authoritative whole-process food and drug safety regulatory system.
So, what benefits can this bring to the RFID industry? This has to start with the application of RFID technology in these fields.
Food Safety
(Application of RFID technology in the management of brand milk powder)
Through RFID technology to the whole process of food management, food security traceability management, as well as food batches, shelf life and other efficient intelligent information management.It is widely used in middle and high-end brand wine, bird's nest, imported milk powder and other food safety projects.
(Application of RFID technology in the management of health food)
Drug Safety
Medicine is a special commodity for curing diseases and saving people, which is related to the national health. It also has special requirements for the management of production, circulation and use. The use of RFID technology can effectively ensure drug safety. For example, the accurate identification and effective management of raw materials are the key to drug quality assurance in the pharmaceutical production process. In the circulation link, rapid identification and anti-counterfeit traceability can effectively provide the efficiency of drug supply chain management and effectively prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the market; In the use of drugs, RFID technology can effectively prevent drug mismatching and omission to ensure the successful implementation of treatment.
(RFID technology applied to drug anti-counterfeiting traceability)
Vaccine Safety

Vaccines are related to people's health and safety.Through the RFID technology and Internet technology, not only can the vaccine production, circulation and consumption of information acquisition, the whole monitoring, set up perfect management service platform, to achieve the user to the vaccine trace and query information, also can increase consumer the safety of the vaccine, the harm effectively put an end to fake vaccine.

Cold chain management

In addition, food, drug and vaccine safety also faces the challenge of the cold chain in the logistics process.If the cold chain logistics is not up to the standard, the quality of food, medicine and vaccine will be seriously affected, and even invalid and unavailable.RFID technology can be used to monitor the temperature changes in the transportation process and in the refrigerated warehouse in real time through RFID temperature tags, and real-time data can be transmitted back to the monitoring center through GPRS/3G and other communication methods, so as to ensure that the cold chain logistics process is up to standard.

To sum up, RFID technology has important applications in these fields, and is a key Internet of things technology to ensure food safety, drug safety and vaccine safety. It will undoubtedly further promote the implementation and popularization of related applications in the future.

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