About RS TAG

  • RS-Tag, Focuses on R&D and customization service for various RFID Tags to global market, especially on RFID assets application.

  • RS-Tag, A subsidiary of RealSmart Tech, located in Shanghai China since 2005. Providing RFID product & service to global market over 40 countries.

  • RFID Wristband
  • RFID Ceramic Ring
  • RFID Vehicle Tag
  • RFID on Metal Tag
  • RFID Super Mini Tag
  • NFC Business Tag

Our main products and service are:

  • On-Metal Ceramic Family
  • On-Metal PCB Family
  • On-Metal Printable Family
  • On-Vehicles Tag Family
  • Anti-Counterfeiter Label Family
  • Hi-performance Mini Tag Family

Strength & Main Application

  • Asset management
  • Vehicles management
  • Various Industrial applications

Why work with RS-Tag?

  • Excellent R&D support for new project
  • Experienced team on customization service
  • Abundant industrial resource collaboration
  • Powerful supply-chain management ability
  • We make you different and more competitive always
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