RFID Windshield Tag

Tag Dimension: 110 x40mm(±0.5mm)

Substrate Material: Polyester Film(PET)

Chip: Impinj Monza 4QT

Operating Temperature: -40 to +200 ℃

MOQ: 100 PCS

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  • Overview

    Parking technology has finally caught up to our on-the-go culture: pay without paying attention. Researchers have built a device that does for parking lots what radio transponders do for highway tolls. You park, it keeps track. The near field communications (NFC) system, consists of RFID Windshield Tag, parking lot transceivers that read tags, and a central database. The windshield tag signals the parking transceiver as you’re entering and exiting a parking lot. A central database tallies your time in the lot and debits your account accordingly.

    Self destructive Ceramic tag uses composite ceramic substrate, which has high temperature resistance, stable performance, and when combining with the automobile glass can obtain excellent read performance. Once the tag is removed from the vehicle windshield, the tag fails, immediately stop using, so it can prevent illegal demolition of tag.

  • Benifits:


    Increased security against fraud
    Reliability and end user customer satisfaction leading to increased revenue, reduced number of claims and related costs
    Lower maintenance costs compared to systems using magnetic cards
    Increased revenue through new service offerings and multi-services
    Cost efficiency compared to PVC cards
    Ease of personalization
    Environmentally friendly solutions


    Better customer experience with convenience and ease of use, new payment options, multi-services, reliability and durability, fast transactions with less queuing.


Antenna Size
100x30 mm(±0.2mm)
Tag Size
110x40 mm(±0.5mm)
Product  Skip Distance
Product Margin
Width of Tape

Product Features

Substrate Material
Polyester Film(PET)
Antenna Material
Aluminum Etching
Surface Material
Waterproof PET
Product Characteristics
White tag, double or single side color printing tag frequency number unique encoding
Operating Frequency
ISO 18000-6C
Chip IC
iMPING Monza 4QT(M4E, M4D)
Operating Mode
Read or Write
Read and write range
≥6M(Fixed Reader device)
Programming Cycle
100,000 cycles
Personalized Coding
Support associated with inside and outside code data structure
Product Attribute
Dsposable, Anti-tamper(such as, resistance of heat transfer, chemical transfer, knife transfer etc), UV protection design, could be used inside or outside car

Environmental Parameter

Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature

Packing Details

Volume Number
2000~3000PCS(According to actual demand)
Packing Material
Anti-static PE + Foam stuff + Anti-static Bag

Comprehensive Performance Test
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