RFID NFC Business Card

Transparent Plastic NFC Card

Size: 85.6*54*0.6mm

Paper NFC Card

Size: 90*54*0.36/0.40mm(depend on paper)

Support chip: HF(13.56MHz)

Certification: Dun & Bradstreet Certification


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  • Solution
New concept
Forget the traditional one ! Try someting new :)
  • A new generation of business card.

  • A new fashion of social contact tool.

  • A new weapon for business development.

  • A new carrier for E-marketing and promotion.

What's NFC business card?
  • 1
    It's a combination of traditional business card + Nfc build inlay inside.
  • 2
    All v-card data can be encoded into NFC cards via specific person software.
  • 3
    just a simple tap with the phone, all data will be into the phone
  • 1

    Final NFC Business Card

    ☆ Supply final printed NFC card as artwork and encoded NFC data (NDEF).

    ☆ User can start usage immediately onec received NFC business card.

  • 2

    White NFC Business Card

    ☆ If you can print individual card, we can supply white card(PVC or Paper) encoded or even bare in single or sheet format.

    ☆ Supply you NFC encoding software. Customer/user can do DIY.

  • 3

    NFC Encoding System

    ☆ If you can print business card directly, we can support you Encoding System on rental/license.

    ☆ In simple manually operation way. Single Desktop NFC Encoder + Encoding Platform with PC.

    In mass production automatic way. Specific Machine with NFC encoding Platform.

  • 4

    NFC Business Card Making System in Turn-key Solutions

    If you are card vendor or traditional business card supplier, may go turn-key solutions.

    • Solution A

      Sheet material with NFC Inlay + Inkjet/laser printerwith printing software, which can print the artwork and persodata in A4/A3 sheet form for 2x5 or 3x8 cards. After single printed card punch, you may encode the card with the NFC Encoding System.

    • Solution B

      Sheet material with NFC Inlay + digital printerwith printing software, which can print the artwork and perso data in A4/A3 sheet form for 2x5 or 3x8 cards. After sheet printed, put make NFC data encoding in once! Then cut the card from sheet.

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