• How does EMP-1100C come to the market?
    The first type portable card counter JC1100B in China had achieved 85% market share all over the word.
    Since JC1100B discontinued from 2013, we’ll recommend you the upgraded version EMP1100C.
  • Application & Market Share
    The upgraded version of JC1100B;
    Over 70% oversea market share;
    Widely used in Card Manufacturing Field, Card Issuer like Banking, Telecom Operator, and any card business player.
    Advanced low power consumption digital circuit with photoelectric theory technical design.
    Able to count most cards thicker than 0.4mm made of various materials, such as ABS, PVC, PET, PC etc.
    Unique Human Engineering designed handle
    Visible display and bidirectional symmetrical counting keys
    Based on the Golden Section Theory, unite artistic with humanity.


This part- Features shows essential function of products, particular designed structure, and functions of spare parts which help you know about the product more clearly.
  • Universal Li-battery
  • Count Modes: Single Count and Accumulation Count
  • Battery charging method: Plug, USB or wireless charging
  • Integrates counting modes menu for different types of cards
  • Visual display and audio signal help judging the counting results
  • Power Save: Auto power off if no operation within 30 seconds; power on by pressing any key
  • Two high-resolution counting sensors ensures the high accuracy to count 0.4mm to 3mm cards
  • Two bidirectional counting keys and self-oriented LCD display make right-hand and left-hand users comfortable, convenient
  • Ergonomic Keys: Two scan keys, two accumulation keys Intelligent keys on the left and right side, compatible for left and right hand user
  • Data record and upload: Counting data could be recorded, and with data management software, the data could be easily uploaded to PC


Card Material
All regular plastic cards (ABS, PVC, PC PET, etc.) incl. white cards and
paper board cards (depending on kind of material and die-cutting burr)

Card Thickness
Power Supply
Battery Li-ion 3.7V/1200mAh (BL-5C)

Compatible of NOKIA 6100 (BL-5C)

Temperature: 10 ~40℃
Humidity: 30%~90%
Single Counting Capacity
1~2000 pcs
Maximum Accumulation
175 mm (L)×70 mm (W)×36 mm (H)
Net Weight

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