LED Prelam Inlay for Smart Card

Product: RFID LED Sheet Inlay

Max. Dimension: 650*530mm

LED Inlay Thickness: 0.42mm, 0.45mm

Category: Dual Interface Card,Contactless card

LED Qty.per Card: 1-6pcs LED lights

Production Capacity: 200K pcs/day

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LED Prelam Inlay for Smart Card
  • Normal LED Inlay
    1-6 LED lights shining at same time (without control module).
  • Blinking LED Inlay
    LED lights shining in different sequence.
  • LED Strap Inlay
    LED strap shining at the same time (Customized)

LED Prelam Inlay

  • Key Data

    ※ Max. Dimension: 650×530mm ※ Layout: 3×8, 3×9, 5×5, 6×7, 6×8, 4×10 etc.
    ※ LED Inlay Thickness: 0.42mm, 0.45mm; Blinking LED Inlay Thickness: ≥0.5mm
    ※ Category: Dual interface Card, Contactless Card
    ※ LED Qty. per Card: 1-6pcs LED lights
    ※ Production Capacity: 200K pcs/day
  • Brief Spec.

    ※ Material: PVC, PETG, Polycarbonate etc.
    ※ Material color: White, red, orange customized.
    ※ Wires color: Red, golden, blue, green etc.
    ※ LED Module: 5×8×0.42mm
    ※ Blinking LED Control Module:10.5×14.5×0.46mm
    ※ LED Color: Red, white, yellow or other
    ※ Diameter of LED Bright Area: 1mm
    ※ Pitch between LED lights: >6mm

Normal LED Prelam Inlay

Normal LED Prelam Inlay Lighting Result

Blinking LED Prelam Inlay

Blinking LED Prelam Inlay Lighting Result

LED Strap Prelam Inlay Lighting Result


Laminating Machine

8-heads Wire Embedding Machine

Hole Punching Machine

Inlay Sheet Cutting Machine

Quality Control

INLAY quality control and testing including incoming quality control, process inspection, product inspection and type approval test meet the requirements of ISO-90001 and enterprise standard recorded in Shanghai.

Incoming quality control:Check copper wires, PVC/PC sheets, modules etc.
Process inspection:Punch holes, pick & place modules, embed wires, weld, laminate, etc.
Product inspection:Thorough check in process &Random check the final products.
Type approval test:Implemented as per GB and enterprise standard.

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