Supply Chain Management
Provide finished and semi-finished products
Provide personalization and data processing
Help global customer at all levels from chip ,inlay, material ,card/tag.
A one-stop professional procurement service through our platform
Hot Products
NFC Business Card
Just a tap v-Card data comes to phone automaticlly...
Super-Mini Tags
Mini Sized,Industrial Level, Great R/W Performance,Robust Design...
Triple Frequencies RFID Card
LF+HF+UHF combinded in a single card,Flat surface for ideal printing...
Super Thin & Flat Inlay
Min 0.20~0.24mm Thickness,Super Flat Printable,Customize Layout...
About Us
Founded in Shanghai China 2005, with booming industry of Smart Card & RFID Focuses on R&D,manufacturing, customer service for various RFID Tags. Highlight on assets management Dedicated to Smart Card & RFID Tag’s manufacture and application over 15 years Introducing various new tech, innovations and related ID solutions to global market Serving & powered global cus...
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